All about Weims!

This is my favorite part!

We are not like our bouncy care-free Lab cousins or independent Pointers.

We are a large breed, originally bred to hunt and be watch dogs, not guard dogs.

We are full of energy.

We are very loyal, we love our human pack.

Sometimes we have separation anxiety, but we love you so much and just want to be with you all the time.

We can be a little messy around our the water bowl.

We are known as the “Grey Ghost” due to our coloring, but sometimes we come in blue! Who knew!
We are very lovable, but very sensitive. Sometimes our feelings get hurt easily. Socrates (pictured here) mom says we are “gentle souls.”

And like humans not all Weims are alike.

Before decided to adopt a Weim make sure you do your research and talk to us and other Weim owners.

We are a great breed, but not for everyone.

Before we get to the next stop on our tour, you may want to let your human owner know you have to go out, its all about health and the DOCTOR!!!