Foster application

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue was created in an effort to support and provide for the rescue, recovery, care, rehabilitation and re-homing of Weimaraners in need across the Great Lakes region. No one individual is Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue, rather several individuals came together to form a collective and collaborative organization with our sole purpose being to assist Weimaraners in need.

Dogs that are relinquished to GLWR’s program come from a variety of backgrounds and situations. Some are recoveries from various shelters. They may have arrived into the shelter as a stray and not reclaimed by their owner or the animal may have been surrendered to the facility by their owner. Few of the dogs that we receive into our rescue program come from abusive situations, but it does happen. Typically dogs come from loving families that can no longer keep them due to a move, divorce, death in the family, etc…. Others come from families that just didn’t know what they were getting into when they bought a Weimaraner puppy!!

Weimaraners are not the type of dog that can be expected to keep themselves entertained. They need both physical and mental stimulation to be happy, healthy and content. They have a higher than average need for exercise than other dog breeds and are not the type of dog that will lie around and wait for “their turn”. They expect to be part of the family and if left to their own means without constructive outlets could become destructive. They love to be with “their people and families”.

You can learn more about the breed at or at

Our foster application process consists of an foster application, personal and vet reference checks and a home visit. Once you fill out and return the attached application and your references have been checked you will be contacted for a phone interview and then a volunteer will set up a mutually agreeable time to conduct your home visit. If you are approved, we will be sending you a foster home information packet.

Our email address is Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about our foster application process. I look forward to receiving your completed application and speaking with you soon!



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